Saturday morning. That meant cartoons. Usually Scooby Doo.

With a great sigh, I swung my legs over the side of my bed and stood up. Having forgotten to throw my blanket back I tripped over my own tangled up legs. I tried to throw my hands up to catch myself, but I just wasn’t fast enough this time.

It felt like my head had bounced off the floor like a basketball. Spots of white danced across my vision, which up until now I did not know was an actual thing that happened after hitting your head.

I rolled over and kicked the mess of blankets and sheets off of my legs, and slowly stood up. I would have stood up faster but my room was doing this funny thing where it swam in and out of focus, and spun just a little bit.

I took a deep breath in and carefully sat back down on my bed. I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing, waiting for the pounding in my skull to subside a bit. It didn’t take too long, which must be a good thing, probably no permanent damage. With the pain in my head at a more manageable level I tried to get out of bed for the second time that morning.

Once again, I stood up from my bed, so far so good. Then I took my first step towards the door. Also, good. Then my second step, then my third. All the way until my eleventh step.

With my eleventh step, I was now situated directly in front of the door. I reached out with my left hand and grasped the cool brass doorknob, just a simple ball with a lock on it, and I twisted and pulled, opening the door.

Right away I was hit with a wave of warm air. I kept my room quite cool I found it easier to fall asleep that way, so every morning I got this wonderful feeling of stepping from a slightly too cool room, into a hallway that was slightly too warm. I made a quick right hand turn into my bathroom. I kept a class on the countertop next to the sink, just in case I wanted a drink in the middle of the night. I filled it from the tap and then left the bathroom, glass in hand.

I slowly climbed the steps that would take me from the lower level where my bathroom and bedroom were, to the ground floor that contained the kitchen and living room.

Large emphasis on slowly. I was in no rush, at twenty-one years of age, I had seen every episode of Scooby doo at least once, plus I owned them all in a nice little boxed set, so no need to catch it on TV.

I had just restarted the series, I finished it about eight months ago, just before school started, and now that school was over and I had free time again, I decided it was time to re-watch it. Eight months was just long enough to sort of forget what happens in the first handful of episodes. I had watched the first episode last Saturday, and today I was going to watch two or three more with my breakfast.

At the top of the stairs I turned right, moving through where doors had once stood to separate the kitchen from the rest of the house. I opened the cupboard above the sink, these also had the same little brass balls for handles, and I grabbed a bowl. This one was blue and ceramic. I also grabbed the box of Lucky Charms rom on top of the fridge, and the jug of milk from inside the fridge.

I didn’t bother pouring myself a bowl, I was probably going to have three or four this morning, so might as well bring it all to the living room.

I turned right again after leaving the kitchen, walked the few short steps ad turned left into the living room. The living room had this interesting arch where a door normally would have been. It was just a plain arch, but it was the only doorframe in the house that wasn’t squared off, which I thought was quite the mystery.

Seeing this archway was always a sort of hype up for any kind of show or movie that involved mysteries. I absolutely loved a good mystery. I had always wanted to try and solve one.

However, walking through that intriguing archway, my eyes were graced with a rather unfamiliar sight. My living room was significantly sparser than I remembered leaving it. There was mud all over the laminate flooring, my rug was missing, as was the coffee table, television, and the two lamps.

I certainly didn’t remember moving any of my stuff out of here, and I definitely wouldn’t have left mud all over the floor. I was faced quite the mystery, albeit an easily solved one.

I had been robbed it seemed. They let the DVD player though, so I still had my cartoons. But all my other stuff was gone. Also, I had forgotten to grab a spoon from the kitchen.


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