Essay Incoming

As much as I hate school, I do enjoy writing essays. Which to some, I am sure is as foreign a concept, as writing code is, to me. But, I do enjoy it, and the times where I successfully manage my time, and write my essays in timely manners, they are often quite good (not to toot my own horn). I even had a professor describe one of my essays as ‘publishable’.


With all this being said, I will miss writing essays when I finish school, sometime this spring or next fall. So I wish to continue writing them, and I am torn on if I want to publish them here, or publish them under my real name. After all, this blog is a place for me to publish the writings I feel are too intimately personal, for me to be comfortable with people I know associating me with. The whole ordeal with Ess, last year, is a prime example. While I am grateful for the outlet this blog provided me, to go back and see how messed up I was over the situation makes me feel silly, and weak. But I also will not remove those postings, as they are a part o me, and serve a very important purpose being published. Which brings me back to our little pickle. I could publish the essays here, but no-one would ever know it was me who wrote them, or I could publish them under my real name, and those who read these posts will never see them. The only compromise, is to publish them under my real name, and mention where they are published, here. But any amateur sleuth could then determine the true identity that I hide behind the moniker of Dee. Which I do not want.


Its really a problem for future Dee to figure out, as the essay is still in the research/outline phase, and likely will not be finished for weeks. But is is a problem I will eventually have to solve. What do you think I should do?




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